Method 544

Method 544 (Microcystins and Nodularin) is used for the analysis six microcystins and nodularin. The six microcystins are microcystin-LA, microcystin-LA, microcystin-LR, microcystin-LY, microcystin-RR, microcystin-YR In this method the sample is initially filtered and both the filter and the filtrate are collected. The filter is placed in a solution of methanol containing 20% reagent water and held for at least one hour at -20 ºC to release the intracellular toxins from cyanobacteria cells captured on the filter. The methanol solution and the filtrate are processed through a solid phase extraction cartridge to recover and concentrate the microcystins and nodularin.

The samples are then injected into a liquid chromatograph, where the analytes are separated based on polarity, and pass through two mass spectrometers in tandem for identification based on the molecular masses of the fragmented compounds. In addition, this analysis provides a high precise quantitation of these compounds.